Monkey Pod Wood: What Can It Be Used For?

Amazing table made of large lacquered textured live edge monkey pod wood slab for dining room on blue background close view from above

Monkey Pod wood is a popular choice for custom projects due to its numerous desirable properties. This beautiful, long-lasting wood is perfect for furniture, ornamental pieces, carvings, and other exquisite handcrafted items. Monkey Pod wood possesses many of the attributes that woodworkers value. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of Monkey Pod wood and what… Continue reading Monkey Pod Wood: What Can It Be Used For?

Uses For Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut wood is a long-lasting hardwood that has historically been used to make furniture, flooring, and even musical instruments. It comes in a rich brown color with black streaks and is widely available. This post discusses some of the best uses for black walnut wood in projects! Blacks Walnut trees have been around for… Continue reading Uses For Black Walnut Wood

The Best Wood for Indoor Furniture

A large stack of cut logs.

Wood is stunning, versatile, lively, and durable. It can survive generations with proper maintenance. This is why finding high quality timber for your next project is crucial! Reclaimed Secrets is here to help you find the perfect wood for your DIY needs. How do I choose the best wood? The ideal wood for furniture depends… Continue reading The Best Wood for Indoor Furniture

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Next DIY Project

Planning a Project in Carpentry and Woodwork Industry, Notebook and Assorted Woodwork and Carpentry Tools on Pinewood Workshop Table.

Knowing the species and grade of wood for your DIY projects is paramount for the project’s success. The different types of wood come with unique characteristics in terms of color, density, finishing, and grain. Choosing the right wood will be critical not only for the project’s appearance but also in determining the cost of the… Continue reading Choosing the Right Wood for Your Next DIY Project

Live Edge Tables

Fantastic texture of large lacquered live edge suar wood slab with knot extreme closeup

The term live edge refers to the unfinished and natural edge of the woodwork. Compared to the usual traditional sharp, neat and clean lines in wooden tables, live-edge tables retain the natural beauty and structure from the tree. For instance, maintaining the natural look of the wood, such as the cracks, knots and shallow holes.… Continue reading Live Edge Tables

The Benefits of Custom Furniture

Have You Thought about Getting Custom Furniture? If you are picking out furniture for your home, you need to put serious effort into making sure that everything is compatible. After all, a beautiful-looking space can promote both health and happiness. However, picking out the right furniture can be much easier said than done. As such,… Continue reading The Benefits of Custom Furniture

Why You Should Use Reclaimed Wood

Many people use wood for structural and construction purposes. Currently, the use of reclaimed wood for interior design has taken the industry by storm. You can use reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, siding, and lumbering, whether in panels or cookie slab wood. If you’re thinking of redecorating your interior with quality wood structures, here are… Continue reading Why You Should Use Reclaimed Wood