What Can You Do With Cedar Slabs?

A large stack of cut logs.

In case you’re looking for some cedar slab projects for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Cedar lumber is frequently used in outdoor furniture due to its natural resilience to water, insects, and deterioration. Cedar lumber is a good choice for interior and outdoor construction projects. There are several varieties of cedar lumber,… Continue reading What Can You Do With Cedar Slabs?

Is Custom Made Furniture More Expensive?

DIY concept, close up . Woodworking and crafts tools. Handicraft Carpentry. Top view of male Designer s hands working in his workshop, making a draw of custom furniture for rich people.

It’s tempting to scroll through Pinterest boards and fantasize about a home redesign complete with a farmhouse-inspired dining set and copper inlaid shelving. Whether you want to try your hands at a DIY project or commission an artisan creation, custom furniture is the best way to fill your home with something one-of-a-kind. But, as easy… Continue reading Is Custom Made Furniture More Expensive?

All You Need to Know About Live Edge Wood

Macro closeup wood after coating with epoxy resin. Process of making a craft resin and wood table

Live edge wood is a popular way to add unique pieces to your rustic decor. Lumber is typically cut straight, sanded, and smoothed before it’s used. Live edge wood slabs, on the other hand, look more natural. The edges are left rough and unfinished, the same way they came out of the tree. Demand for… Continue reading All You Need to Know About Live Edge Wood

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Next DIY Project

Planning a Project in Carpentry and Woodwork Industry, Notebook and Assorted Woodwork and Carpentry Tools on Pinewood Workshop Table.

Knowing the species and grade of wood for your DIY projects is paramount for the project’s success. The different types of wood come with unique characteristics in terms of color, density, finishing, and grain. Choosing the right wood will be critical not only for the project’s appearance but also in determining the cost of the… Continue reading Choosing the Right Wood for Your Next DIY Project

The Top 4 Reasons to Choose Custom Furniture

detail of an old antique furniture with a lock, close up

Furniture can be one of the biggest talking points when inviting new guests into your home. Reclaimed Secrets is ready to help you be the talk of the neighborhood by providing you with everything you need to have stunning custom furniture in your home. These are just a few of the reasons to ditch the… Continue reading The Top 4 Reasons to Choose Custom Furniture

Is handmade furniture worth it?

Country style classical vintage dining room with rustic wooden furniture

When your home serves as a haven, you must create an environment that you adore. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to commission a handmade piece of furniture. Along with having a unique design created specifically for you, handmade furniture typically lasts longer and is more robust than store-bought furniture. Reclaimed Secrets can supply… Continue reading Is handmade furniture worth it?

Creating a Meaningful Piece of Custom Furniture

Detail of dinner table made of solid walnut wood on massive legs and served with plates. Blurred background

Have you been looking forward to owning furniture in your house that will stand out and make a bold statement about your innovative choices? The time is now. Custom-made furniture is unique and incorporates a design of your own. So, it means that nobody else throughout the entire globe will have a similar meaningful piece… Continue reading Creating a Meaningful Piece of Custom Furniture

Get the Best From Wood Furniture Projects

Live edge elm gaming desk countertop with metal base in a modern home office. Details close-up

Having quality wood furniture in a room or office gives a different aesthetic than pieces constructed from less natural materials. The great thing about using lumber is the versatility as well as the wide selection of colors and patterns. There are so many functional designs, particularly with hardwood slabs and live edge wood. Many of… Continue reading Get the Best From Wood Furniture Projects

Live Edge Tables

Fantastic texture of large lacquered live edge suar wood slab with knot extreme closeup

The term live edge refers to the unfinished and natural edge of the woodwork. Compared to the usual traditional sharp, neat and clean lines in wooden tables, live-edge tables retain the natural beauty and structure from the tree. For instance, maintaining the natural look of the wood, such as the cracks, knots and shallow holes.… Continue reading Live Edge Tables

How to Preserve Your Outdoor Furniture

Many wooden teak tables and chairs on brick patio

A well-designed yard isn’t complete without outdoor furniture. A relaxing spot to sit and ponder nature, away from the stresses of everyday life. It may be found at the end of a winding path or under a favorite tree. While a variety of materials may be used to create outdoor furniture, nothing beats the warmth… Continue reading How to Preserve Your Outdoor Furniture