Caring For Your Custom Furniture

Cleaning table by hand

Custom furniture is often more expensive than its factory made counterparts. However, with those costs, you also receive unparalleled craftsmanship and durability. But, even though custom pieces are sturdy, it does not mean they can be neglected.

Proper Care

The best comparison for your table is the hood of your car. You wouldn’t drag a plate, vase, or box across your car’s hood, would you? Like our tables, automobile finishes are meant to withstand daily use, but not negligence. So, what is the purpose of a finish?

The finish protects the wood from harm such as discoloration, dampness, and re-oiling.

The coating protects against bacteria, heat, chemicals, and makes cleaning easy.

Also, keep in mind that scratches or scuffs are not caused by the wood, but rather the finish. That the coating is protecting the timber. Dragging a heavy item across a satin-finished table will degrade the sheen. However, a flat finish will become shinier since both surfaces have been “buffed.”

High Quality Finish

When building a custom piece for you, Reclaimed Secrets uses a high quality finish. We trust it to withstand many things such as chemicals, water, and heat. But, as we said before, everything has a limit. Consider the finish’s toughness. Isn’t it better to have a very hard finish? Not necessarily. A finish that is overly harsh will crack when the wood’s natural variations occur. So, a durable finish and general awareness and maintenance of your custom furniture is the finest balance.

Cleaning Your Furniture

There are even special ways that you can clean your custom furniture to keep it in top shape. Cleaning is very easy, and there are many alternatives to traditional cleaners that you can use. Water with soap or vinegar is usually a good idea. If you need something stronger, typical home cleaners like Windex, 409, etc. are “safe” to use. Apply the product to the table and wipe up any excess moisture. Using Magic Erasers or scrubbing pads on your bespoke table is a no-no. This is a low grit sandpaper that dulls the finish.

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Custom furniture livens up any home, and Reclaimed Secrets is here to help. If you have any questions about caring for a piece of your custom furniture, feel free to contact us!