Why Use Live Edge Wood For a Table?

live edge wood

When building a modern dining or living area, live edge wood furniture is a must. It is the perfect way to spruce up any space in your home! We are here to answer many of the common questions that we receive about live edge options so that you can feel confident in your choice.

Live Edge Wood

Reclaimed Secrets’ live edge tables have a gorgeous, organic edge. The manner in which the wood is processed gives it its name. Live edge furniture preserves the tree’s natural look and feel.

Live edge furniture can be built from one or many slabs. A single slab is machined to the tree’s width. It’s a direct piece from the tree, with nicely curved edges.

Why is it more costly?

Live edge furniture is more expensive since it is more difficult to grind. It is much more difficult to work with live edge slabs because they are not all uniform in shape and size, each one is specific.

When Should You Use a Live Edge?

A live edge table looks great with more modern furnishings. We don’t normally recommend heavier bases with live edge tables. Heavy bases detract from the live edge, and design overload occurs when the table base and surface vie for “most unique.”

Steel-based tables already have a modern feel, so a live edge on the top suits them perfectly. Reclaimed Secrets can design a beautiful steel based table to suit any of your needs!

Any table without an apron works nicely with a live edge as well! Without an apron, the living edge will stand alone and make its statement. It will add a beautiful modern twist to your home!

Any More Details?

No furniture maker can guarantee the look of a live edge table because each one is unique to the tree from which it was cut. Ordering a live edge table is a gamble! The edge can be dramatic or subtle.

When ordering a live edge table, consider the stain option. If you want the blonde ring to show, don’t use a dark dye. Walnut makes for an excellent choice. It’s fine to stain your table darker! Just be aware that the photographs do not reflect the actual table.

The tabletop thickness is also a gamble. To follow the trunk’s curvature, we attempt not to thin the live edge. It will be thicker than usual tabletops.

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Now you know everything you need to know to buy live edge wood! You’ll love the way your live edge piece looks in your dining or living space. Reclaimed Secrets is here to help by building you a custom piece! Or, if you are looking for your next DIY project, we can supply you with all of your lumber needs.

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