The Best Wood for Indoor Furniture

A large stack of cut logs.

Wood is stunning, versatile, lively, and durable. It can survive generations with proper maintenance. This is why finding high quality timber for your next project is crucial! Reclaimed Secrets is here to help you find the perfect wood for your DIY needs.

How do I choose the best wood?

The ideal wood for furniture depends on your style, your budget, and the amount of use you want it to get. Let’s look at the greatest possibilities.


Oak is a stunning, classic, and striking choice. It’s also one of the strongest woods for furniture.

Oak comes in a wide range of colors. A few popular species include the golden-brown European Oak and its paler cousin the American White Oak.

It is a timeless piece of furniture that works well with modern, eclectic, and contemporary decor.

Oak species are often less expensive than other common hardwoods for furniture.


People wishing to add a touch of quality darkness to their houses should consider American Black Walnut.

Color, texture, and grain of this dark wood have won it many lovers. Walnut is a thick hardwood that is ideal for high-impact furniture.

A darker rustic or industrial style works nicely with this wood’s dark browns and purples. It is also popular in modern settings with a limited color pallet.

Keep in mind that Walnut can be more expensive than other hardwoods.


With its creamy white color and warm golden colors, Hard Maple is one of many dynamic pale woods that make lovely furniture.

Maple looks great in light, airy modern designs, especially Scandinavian ones.

Because maples are cold-climate trees, they are hardy and sturdy. 

Although Maple operates and finishes well, its tremendous density can make certain tasks more difficult.


A lovely, scratch-resistant wood? That’s what you get with Cherry.

Warm, pink-reddish brown tones steadily darken with light exposure – perfect for a country farmhouse or cottage-style interior. In a modern or Scandi style, this rich deepening color might be a pleasant contrast.

If you like to deal with wood and make your own furniture, cherry should be on your list. It is non-toxic and has a stable, straight grain that machines nicely.

Cherry steams nicely, so it’s ideal for curved work. Caution: staining can sometimes result in blotchy results; use a sanding sealer beforehand.

Ready to Get Started?

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