What Can You Do With Cedar Slabs?

A large stack of cut logs.

In case you’re looking for some cedar slab projects for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Cedar lumber is frequently used in outdoor furniture due to its natural resilience to water, insects, and deterioration. Cedar lumber is a good choice for interior and outdoor construction projects. There are several varieties of cedar lumber, and each one can be used in a variety of ways. There are many cedar slab projects which will impress your neighbors, spouse, and any unexpected guests. The overall money required for these projects is quite modest. Some of the projects are listed below:

Coffee Tables and End Tables

If you have smaller slabs and are unsure how to utilize them, you may use them to make little tables for living spaces, such as coffee or end tables


With cedar countertops, rustic homes and farmhouses look wonderful. They add character to any kitchen and can be polished with a food-safe finish!

Cedar Bar

In the United States, home bars are gaining popularity. If you’re planning to create your perfect man cave, a cedar bar top may be the way to go!

Cubic Planter Box

Cedar wood is an excellent choice for outside usage due to its inherent resistance to deterioration.

A Cedar Planter Box is ideal for succulents, small plants, air plants, flowers, mason jars, or other containers! Simply place your favorite fresh flower arrangements within to create a magnificent centerpiece or decorative floral arrangement for your home.

Indoor Benches

Indoor seats are an ideal use for cedar slabs. You can purchase metal legs for them from us or from a variety of other internet vendors to give them a complete look that will last for years.

Cutting boards

Cutting boards made from cedar slabs are excellent. If you have little slabs and are unsure what to do with them, create a cutting board for your house or as a personalized present!


If you’re displaying your books and pictures on a few boards supported by a pile of bricks, here’s some excellent news: Adding built-in bookcases to your house does not require a skilled carpenter, a workshop stocked with equipment, or thousands of dollars. Essentially, all that is required is a cedar slab and a circular saw. By laminating a sequence of short support pieces to a larger strip of slab, you may simulate thick boards routed to accept shelving

There are so many home projects that you can do with cedar slabs. The only problem might be where to get the best cedar slabs. At Reclaimed Secrets we offer cedar slabs as well as other types of wood for DIY projects