Is Custom Made Furniture More Expensive?

DIY concept, close up . Woodworking and crafts tools. Handicraft Carpentry. Top view of male Designer s hands working in his workshop, making a draw of custom furniture for rich people.

It’s tempting to scroll through Pinterest boards and fantasize about a home redesign complete with a farmhouse-inspired dining set and copper inlaid shelving. Whether you want to try your hands at a DIY project or commission an artisan creation, custom furniture is the best way to fill your home with something one-of-a-kind. But, as easy as it is to dream, the inevitable question remains:

Is Custom Made Furniture More Expensive?

Yes. It goes without saying that purchasing the raw materials needed, or commissioning an experienced builder, is more expensive than buying something that’s been mass produced. Retailers buy their products in bulk to sell for a profit. And if you’re on a tight budget, second-hand and thrifted goods win out. The benefit of custom furnishings isn’t the price point. In our eyes, however, the freedom and sustainability they provide are worth every penny.

Timeless Designs

Walking into your local Ikea and picking up a mass-produced assemble-it-yourself table may soothe that itch to fill your home with a self-built creation. And while a trip to the Swedish retailer won’t break the bank, it also won’t let you customize the materials, size, or dimensions of your new dining table.

Have a love for rustic grain patterns of Sweet Gum planks? Need a shelf in the perfect size that no retailers ever carry? The added cost of custom creations is higher up-front but pays off when that shelf of your dreams is gracing your living room — complete with an epoxy finish in any color under the sun.


Quality wood, either new or reclaimed, is a limited resource. Spending upwards of $1000 is a daunting investment, but these aren’t factory-stamped pieces that come off of a conveyor belt. They’re a part of our natural world.

Often, people assume that custom furniture projects are a drain on environmental resources. Here at Reclaimed Secrets, we value sustainable creations that last a lifetime. Using up-cycled wood, metal, and other materials that’d otherwise end up on the curb, we do our part to reuse what’s already been harvested from our planet.

Our goal is to custom-tailor the creation process from start to finish. Knowing the source of our reclaimed wood helps us ensure its quality. After 15 years and with over 3000 projects under our belt, we can attest to that.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Whether you’re looking for reclaimed materials to use in your own project or have the dimensions for an end table that will fit perfectly at your bedside, we can help you through every step of the process.

Custom furniture, no matter how you split it, will never be cheaper than what you can pick up from a garage sale. But if you have a DIY craving or want one-of-a-kind decor for your home, delving into the world of custom furniture will pay off in the end.