Why You Should Use Reclaimed Wood

Many people use wood for structural and construction purposes. Currently, the use of reclaimed wood for interior design has taken the industry by storm. You can use reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, siding, and lumbering, whether in panels or cookie slab wood. If you’re thinking of redecorating your interior with quality wood structures, here are some reasons to use reclaimed wood.

High Performance

Reclaimed wood is usually tens if not hundreds of years old. It stems from old-growth trees that were harvested as fully matured trees. Since the wood comes from trees that took a long period to grow, it’s very compact and dense due to the tightly-packed growth rings. Note that the compact nature of reclaimed wood prevents any penetration of moisture, making it rot resistant.

The wood is also highly dense, meaning it’s pretty stable for use as timber as it can last a long time without wearing off or damaging. Due to incredible stability, you’ll be happy to know that there’ll be minimal warping, formation of splinters, or splitting when using it as cookie slab wood. Reclaimed wood offers ultimate stability that even kiln-dried wood can’t match!

It’s also easy to achieve a perfect finish on reclaimed wood as it’s completely dry and catches stain, varnish, and polishes easily. These characteristics make compact wood a durable choice for interior design projects and finishes.

There’s Beauty and a Story Behind it

Reclaimed wood finishes tend to enhance the aesthetics of a space, thanks to the natural beauty of the wood. It can also complement any interior design style. Spaces with a reclaimed wood finish often invoke positive physical reactions and emotions. Besides, reclaimed wood carries with it the stories of the places it was in use before and what people once used it for. When you use it today, you bring to life these powerful stories and give life and purpose to a material that would have otherwise gone to waste.

For instance, the rings of cookie slab wood tabletop from the wood of an old wreck ship can bring back the vision of the voyages the ship went on and the crew that sailed with it in the world oceans. The rich history of reclaimed wood allows the present generation to experience what life was in the past. There’s no better way to experience history than having a tangible thing that reminds you of the past.

Enhanced Sustainability

If not for any other thing, use reclaimed wood to protect and preserve the environment. The wood offers a wide range of sustainability merits over new wood. By reusing reclaimed wood, you prevent it from ending up in a landfill. Moreover, you’ll repurpose a material that would have otherwise been worthless. Above all, reclaimed wood shields current forest ecosystems from the devastating impacts of deforestation. Nature and biodiversity will thrive too since you’ll let current woodlots grow and mature into old-growth forests for future generations.

In this age where climate change rules the world, using reclaimed wood is a step in the right direction towards saving the planet. It contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions otherwise released during logging, transportation, and milling of new wood. Usually, reclaimed wood is ready to use hence saving on energy and water that’s useful in irrigating new lots. Using reclaimed wood today lets the current trees thrive to benefit future generations.

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Whether you’re looking to get a new dining table or a new kitchen sink tabletop, consider using reclaimed wood. You’ll get to smile at the presence of functional and beautiful structures, and the planet will smile right along with you! Visit Reclaimed Secrets to explore our portfolio of reclaimed wood options.