Creating a Meaningful Piece of Custom Furniture

Detail of dinner table made of solid walnut wood on massive legs and served with plates. Blurred background

Have you been looking forward to owning furniture in your house that will stand out and make a bold statement about your innovative choices? The time is now. Custom-made furniture is unique and incorporates a design of your own. So, it means that nobody else throughout the entire globe will have a similar meaningful piece as you. Here is all you need to know about creating a meaningful piece of custom-made furniture for your home.

Using Single Slabs

When it comes to custom-made furniture, single slabs are the crème de la crème. In the United States of America, typical walnut single slabs come from more than 100 years old trees. For that reason, they are the scarcest and most sought after. Single slabs represent the trees’ beauty in their most natural states. At Reclaimed Secrets, we have multiple single slabs if you want to customize any of your furniture, like a dining table.

What about Hexo Slabs?

Hexo slabs or multi-joint slabs obtained their names from the average number of wood planks that form them. With approximately six to eight wood planks, you can still achieve the uniqueness you want. Younger trees or leftover wood pieces from book-matched slabs or single slabs can make outstanding and high-quality hexo slabs for custom-made furniture.

River Slabs

Picture this scenario. You are in the Amazon rainforest, and you are enjoying the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature has to offer. Do you find the river in the forest beautiful? Now think about incorporating the river in your custom-made table. Yes. The elegance is out of this world.

As the name suggests, these slabs have a river within them, only that the river simulation consists of epoxy resin as the primary material. The combination of wood (a traditional material) and epoxy (a modern material) makes river slabs majestic pieces.

Mahogany Wood

Although they can be expensive and difficult to find, mahogany woods are among the best traditional woods you can use for your custom-made furniture making. They are lighter in weight than some wood types but are robust like the oak. The reddish-brown to lighter looks give them the uniqueness you need.

Using Oak Wood

Oak is the hardwood type to use for your custom furniture if you are on a budget. Typically, it works best when you apply it to kitchen furniture and flooring. Although it can be yellow over a long period, it has a beautiful look. In most cases, red oak is slightly porous and darker.

Maple Wood

The good thing about maple wood is that it is naturally non-toxic, meaning you can use it to make yourself a custom-made kitchen cutting board. Additionally, maple woods are available in different types, and almost all of them are long-lasting, making you a gorgeous and outstanding furniture piece. Also, depending on the maple type you prefer, you can choose the best grain pattern from the several available ones.

Custom furniture From Reclaimed Secrets

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or prefer hiring a professional, Reclaimed Secrets has hardwoods, wood slabs and offers professional services to help you achieve a meaningful custom furniture piece. So, if you are thinking of executing a custom-made furniture project, Reclaimed Secrets can supply you with wood for the project. Or, if DIY projects are not what you’re after, we are happy to build a beautiful custom piece for you!