Get the Best From Wood Furniture Projects

Live edge elm gaming desk countertop with metal base in a modern home office. Details close-up

Having quality wood furniture in a room or office gives a different aesthetic than pieces constructed from less natural materials. The great thing about using lumber is the versatility as well as the wide selection of colors and patterns. There are so many functional designs, particularly with hardwood slabs and live edge wood. Many of these can be cut and shaped to fit any room aesthetic or left in a near-natural state with emphasis as an abstract centerpiece.

Getting Down to the Basics

The type of wood used relies heavily on what it’s to be used for. Normally, softwoods like pine are ideal for creating cabinet doors. However, hardwoods, like walnut, are best for making pieces that will constantly bear weight, such as a bed frame or chair. Anyone who’s looking into custom pieces should become familiar with both types in order to get the best value for the money when placing an order. Here’s a small sampling of the different types of lumber available.

Types of Softwood

Cedar – is ideal for making indoor and some outdoor furniture. It’s also one of the tougher as it resists moisture and insects but has a slower decay. The red hue also makes it a favored choice for decorative pieces.

Pine(wood) – can be used in a range of applications and is often considered the inexpensive alternative to using hardwood for certain projects. Although very durable, its color, strength, and other properties may vary.

Redwood – another durable lumber type that’s ideal for making outdoor furniture, as it’s resistant to decaying and moisture. Depending on its origin, the reddish wood color may vary. A less expensive alternative to cedar.

Type of Hardwood

Hard Maple – this wood type is heavy and highly resistant to wear. This is a good choice for flooring, as well as furniture and molding. Recommended for long-term use projects. Color ranges from brown to dark reddish-brown.

Soft Maple – the hardness level between hard and soft maple is about 25% but the soft has better than average steam-bending properties. Common uses are furniture making, paneling, and turnings. Its coloring ranges from brown to reddish-brown.

Walnut – this lumber is very strong and durable, although its weight, density, and bending are average. Ideal for making doors, flooring, and millwork. Leaves a good finish. The color ranges from light brown to very dark brown.

Getting a Knowledgeable Supplier for DIY Projects

While there are many vendors selling lumber for cheap, going for quality should be the first priority. For one, no one wants to create something that may need repairs, or worse, after a few uses. The other reason is that it helps go with a seller that knows the product and its functionality.

Sustainability is another factor to consider. Making an eco-friendly choice not only saves natural resources but inspires multiple uses in the distant future. It can also be a safer option for those sensitive to inhaling toxins.

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