Live Edge Tables

Fantastic texture of large lacquered live edge suar wood slab with knot extreme closeup

The term live edge refers to the unfinished and natural edge of the woodwork. Compared to the usual traditional sharp, neat and clean lines in wooden tables, live-edge tables retain the natural beauty and structure from the tree. For instance, maintaining the natural look of the wood, such as the cracks, knots and shallow holes. In other words, purchasing furniture or live edge table designs from Reclaimed Secrets allows you to bring the uniqueness of the outdoors into your home.

Besides, live-edge tables have been in existence since the history of furniture. However, they were considered both a cost and time effective way of crafting sturdy, functional furniture back then. Most people then turned raw slabs of wood into every piece of furniture in their homesteads. 

Furthermore, live-edge tables are handcrafted by professional, dedicated woodworkers. Moreover, the tables are cut, sanded, and completed by hand to create great state-of-the-art modern furniture. The best part of owning one of these live-edge tables from Reclaimed Secrets is that each of them is unique and original. You also get to decide the type of wood, color and even the species to get the live edge table customized to your liking.

Advantages of Having a Live-Edge Table

  • They improve the aesthetic view of your living space by giving it the “WOW” factor.
  • They can be used in homes, offices and restaurants.
  • They are durable as they are crafted from hardwood
  • They remain stylish over time due to the natural beauty of the wood being timeless

Types of Common Wood Used to Make Live Edge Tables

There are more than 60,000 species of wood around the world. Choosing the best for your live edge table may be a hustle. However, employing the services of a wood monger will take that burden off your shoulders. Besides, a professional wood monger will not harm the environment as they will ethically source the logs for making your table.

Therefore, the best wood for your live edge table includes walnut, pine, cherry, and oak. Each of these species is unique and has different challenges. But hiring professionals like Reclaimed Secrets will recommend and give you the best of the best.

Walnut Wood

The North American walnut is another impressive wood for making live edge tables. Moreover, real handcrafted walnut furniture is usually of high quality. Here are a few characteristics of the walnut wood:

  • Its natural color is stunning; hence only requires a clear coat to impress
  • It has a beautiful natural grain
  • It provides long-term durability for live-edge tables made from it

Pine Wood

Pinewood is unique in its way. Tables made from natural pine may require TLC because softwood is prone to dents and scratches. However, it does not age or break from shrinkage and swelling. Besides, the lines, knots, and texture make pinewood live-edge tables unique pieces. Here are its characteristics:

  • It is inexpensive
  • It looks incredible in every environment
  • It is malleable as a material and easy to find out in the wild
  • It is an accessible material to incorporate in most woodcrafts

Cherry Wood

Cherry is a valued hardwood used in the craftsmanship of live edge furniture. Below is a list of its characteristics:

  • It has straight, smooth, fine lines which give it a luxurious look.
  • It does not need a stain to bring out a beautiful color as it is naturally rich with color.
  • It is durable.
  • It is pretty flexible hence, making it easy to craft beautiful ornate tables.

Oak Wood

Live edge tables made from oak give a new-yet-familiar feel to your home. Here are a few characteristics of oak wood.

  • Its colors are beautiful, with Red Oak having a slightly tan color, while White Oak exhibits a lighter finish.
  • It is heavy and sturdy.
  • Its style never goes out of fashion, especially for custom made tables
  • Its natural grain is open with a uniform pattern and texture

If you are looking to find a live edge table, feel free to contact Reclaimed Secrets, who can help supply the wood for the project, or better yet custom build it for you.