How to Preserve Your Outdoor Furniture

Many wooden teak tables and chairs on brick patio

A well-designed yard isn’t complete without outdoor furniture. A relaxing spot to sit and ponder nature, away from the stresses of everyday life. It may be found at the end of a winding path or under a favorite tree.

While a variety of materials may be used to create outdoor furniture, nothing beats the warmth and beauty of natural wood. Selecting weather-resistant and long-lasting wood is critical when building outdoor furniture.

Regardless of the material you choose for our garden furniture, it is important that you preserve it so that it may continue to serve us for an extended period of time.

Throughout the year, outdoor wood furniture is exposed to temperature changes, humidity, rain, sunshine, wind, and other factors. As a consequence, outdoor wood furniture deteriorates faster than interior wood furniture. Learn how to preserve outdoor wood furniture from these elements.

1. Choose the correct timber for the project.

Whether you are creating your own outdoor furniture or buying it pre-built, you’ll need something durable. Outdoor furniture must survive heat, cold, rain, decay, and bugs. So think about where the species sits on the hardness scale.

Along with durability, consider aesthetics, colorfastness, and cost, as well as the project’s workability and finishing requirements. You may also consider hardwood slabs, which are live-edge materials sawn from entire logs. These hardwood slabs produce an astonishing timber natural beauty for your project. Redwood, Fir, Parota, Cedar, Monkey-pod, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Bay Laurel, Chocolate Heart Acacia, and Mango are some of the species available. Supplies and species vary, so please check with Reclaimed Secrets for availability.

2. Painting

Using paint is an excellent way to preserve your wood furniture from the outdoors. Paint has the capacity to prevent sunlight from penetrating the wood’s surface. Additionally, paint may filter UV rays and preserve the underlying wood from yellowing and other concerns.

Even after painting, you should inspect your wood periodically for scratches, peeling, dents, and fading, and reapply the paint evenly throughout the surface.

3. Sealing

Sealing is quite important if you live in a rainy location. Applying sealant protects outdoor wood furniture from water. Moisture usually destroys outdoor furniture. Water molecules readily permeate the wood and create havoc.

Unlike paint, water sealant preserves the natural beauty of the wood since Water sealant is clear and therefore does not alter the color of the wood. Never leave unfinished wood furniture parts, fill up all the gaps beneath, joints, and even the legs.

Most significantly, sealants protect outdoor wood furniture from moisture by making wet wood dry faster. This prevents rotting, warping, and splitting.

4. Varnishing

Varnishing is also considered a sort of sealing, although it encompasses a great deal more. Due to its water resistance, varnishing the furniture can preserve it from moisture. Varnish is often regarded as the superior choice to sealing or painting, since varnish will not alter the original color of your wood furniture.

The varnish layer has the ability to absorb UV rays, which are one of the most damaging elements to wood and its look. By absorbing ultraviolet light, varnish protects wood furniture from sun damage. This will keep the wood from discoloring and extend its life.

5. Keep The Furniture Clean

Outdoor furniture needs regular cleaning to preserve it from the weather and to prolong its life. Mud, mold, and dirt damage wood. Even if the furniture is covered or painted, it must be cleaned. Debris may build up on wood surfaces and cause decay.

Small amounts of dust may be blown away with a tack or microfiber cloth. Tack cloth may take up any dust and make the surface spotless. For more dirt, use this procedure: Soak a sponge in mild dish soap and warm water, then rinse gently until soap residue is removed leaving your furniture clean and dry.

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