Installing Ceiling Beams

installing ceiling beams

Beams with decorative accents add warmth, character, and mood to a room or ceiling. When added to vaulted ceilings, wood beams are very lovely and help to create the impression of a large, empty space.

Most ceiling beams are decorative and can be installed without professional installation. Installing replica wood beams is significantly easier. These actual wood beams are separated into three or four parts to create a bare “box” on the ceiling, but they are still made of real wood. These beams can hide wires or pipelines and are significantly lighter.

Consider your degree of comfort and, if necessary, seek professional counsel if you plan to build your own beams. Real wood beams can be installed in a matter of days and instantly change the way your ceiling looks. We can help you with your upcoming home remodeling project!


No matter what kind of ceiling beams you are installing, the following tools are necessary:

  • Miter/Circular Saw
  • White Line
  • Measurement tape
  • 2 by 4
  • Timber glue
  • Ladder
  • Stud Locator for Nail Guns and Hammers
  • Obviously, your wood beams!

For the best results, real wood beams must be installed after they have had time to acclimate to the room’s temperature and relative humidity. The room must be maintained at the same humidity and temperature for about a week. Then, for around three days, the beams should be left in the room to fully condition them.

The ceiling must be prepared for the beams and strong enough to hold them. Find studs if necessary, or build a frame. Starting with your dimensions, design your desired pattern.

Configuring Your Beams

Before beginning, you want to erect some phony beams. In addition, some components will require cutting to meet the specifications of your ceiling.

Beams should be cut to the same length. Place the first piece of wood on the assembly table, gluing the edge where it will meet the next joint. Get rid of any surplus glue in the joints. Use nails, if necessary, to affix beam parts together. Repeat the process for the remaining beams in your building. Be sure the glue is dry before moving on.

Preparing Your Ceiling

Mark the area of the ceiling where the beams will be installed.

Extend your chalk line across the ceiling to maintain straight grids and lines.

As “nailers,” your 2×4 planks can help with the construction of faux wood beams. As they glide over them, the beams will keep them in place.

Fix the beams to the nailers using temporary brackets.

Advice Before You Begin

Never test your sandpaper on a visible surface before you are certain of the outcome.

Beams should never be fastened directly to drywall or ceiling plaster; always fasten to a joist.

To be fastened into place, the beams must be carefully lifted and supported. If you need help, ask for it!

If you’re using solid wood, see a professional for advice on how to properly support the ceiling.


Elegant and timeless, wood beams provide appeal to any space, from casual living to formal dining. Installing ceiling beams will be a straightforward task for an experienced homeowner who can assemble and lift them. With this simple DIY project, you can transform any room in your house. Picking out the wood beams for your house is the first step! Get all the lumber supplies you’ll need for your upcoming project in Las Vegas, Nevada, by getting in touch with Reclaimed Secrets!

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