Choosing the Right Finish

choosing the right finish

Describe varnish.

Varnishes are available in many various types of ingredients, levels of durability, interior, exterior, and water-use variations. Most varnishes are applied with brushes. Some are easy to use and highly susceptible to dust. Others offer a stunning, long-lasting, and rich finish, but they necessitate a dust-free environment and a more meticulous application procedure. Choosing the right finish for your wood projects is important.

What Sets Varnish and Lacquer Apart from One Another?

When you visit your neighborhood furniture store, lacquers are the most prevalent finish you’ll notice. The finishes are simple to use and dry quickly. Thin or “deep” built-up coats may emerge as a result; these can be removed by rubbing at the end of the application procedure, though it is not required. Damaged lacquer finishes, however, are more challenging to repair.

What Is Shellac?

The lac beetle secretes a chemical that is the source of shellac. It has been thoroughly cleaned and is not poisonous. It can be brushed on after being dissolved in alcohol, or it can be applied using the “French Polish” padding technique.

For brush applications, a dust-free atmosphere is necessary to prevent contaminants. It takes several coats, sanding, and steel wool to modify the final coat’s sheen to your preferred degree. The drawback is that repairing a shellac finish can be quite challenging to achieve if waxing is insufficient. Another drawback is that because it is dissolved in alcohol, a drink spill could result in significant harm.

What Purpose Does Using Various Finishes Serve?

When it comes to furniture coatings, there is no universally applicable solution. Each has distinct benefits and drawbacks, so you should use it in accordance with your needs. In general, finishes that are easily repaired are less durable, but harder finishes need more expertise and time to repair.

How To Maintain A Finish

After some time, the majority of finishes will start to exhibit signs of deterioration. Wax is a fantastic tool for maintaining the condition of your artwork. A smeared coating can be caused by using too much wax, however, this can be fixed by using solvent and using extreme caution. Make sure to wipe up any accidents immediately because wax might leave stains on your garment. To balance out the shine, you might need to wax the entire piece.


After reading this, you should have a better idea of the many finishes you can choose for your upcoming DIY project in Las Vegas, Nevada. As always, get in touch with Reclaimed Secrets right away if you need high-quality lumber for your project or even just guidance on choosing the right finish!