Taking Care of Your Furniture

taking care of your furniture

Furniture manufactured to order is frequently more expensive than similarly styled factory-produced items. However, you also get unmatched craftsmanship and longevity for those prices. But just because an item is strong doesn’t imply it can be neglected. Taking care of your furniture is the best way to increase its longevity.

Taking Care

The hood of your car serves as the ideal comparison for your table. You wouldn’t drag a box, vase, or plate across the hood of your automobile, would you? Similar to our tables, car finishes are made to withstand regular use, but not carelessness. So, what does a finish serve?

The finish guards the wood against damage including discoloration, moisture, and re-oiling.

The coating makes cleaning simple and offers protection from bacteria, heat, and chemicals.

Also remember that the finish, not the wood, is what causes scratches or scuffs. that the wood is being shielded by the covering. A table with a satin surface will lose luster if a heavy object is dragged across it. However, because both surfaces have been “buffed,” a flat finish will become shinier.

Excellent Finish

Reclaimed Secrets uses a premium finish when creating a special piece for you. We believe it can endure a wide range of things, including heat, chemicals, and water. But as we’ve previously stated, everything has its limits. Consider the durability of the finish. Isn’t an extremely difficult end preferable? No, not always. The intrinsic variances in the wood will cause a finish that is applied too harshly to break. Therefore, the best balance is between a durable finish and general knowledge of and care for your unique furniture.

Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Your handmade furniture can even be cleaned in unique ways to keep it in peak condition. Cleaning is quite simple, and you have a lot of options besides using conventional cleansers. Typically, it’s a good idea to use water with soap or vinegar. Common household cleaners like Windex, 409, etc. are “safe” to use if you need something stronger. Wipe off any extra moisture after applying the product to the table. On your custom table, avoid using cleaning pads or Magic Erasers. This sandpaper has a low grain, which dulls the finish.

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Any home can benefit from custom furniture, and Reclaimed Secrets is here to assist. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about maintaining and taking care of your furniture.