Adding Wood Beams to Your Ceiling

wood beams

Beams with decorative details provide a space or ceiling warmth, personality, and atmosphere. Wood beams are especially beautiful when added to vaulted ceilings, which enhances the appearance of the vast, empty space.

The majority of ceiling beams are ornamental and can be added without expert installation. With imitation wood beams, installation is much simpler. These beams are composed of real wood, but they are divided into three or four halves to form a blank “box” on the ceiling. These beams are substantially lighter and can conceal wires or pipelines.

If you intend to construct your own beams, consider your level of comfort and, if required, seek professional advice. Real wood beams will quickly transform the appearance of your ceiling and may only require a few days to install. With your next project for home renovation, we’re here to assist you!


You will require the following tools, regardless of the type of ceiling beams you are installing:

  • Measurement tape
  • Circular/Miter Saw
  • White Line
  • Tape Measures
  • Timber Glue
  • Ladder
  • 2-by-4 planks
  • Nails
  • Hammer/Nail Gun
  • Stud Locator
  • Your wood beams, of course!

Real wood beams must be given time to adjust to the temperature and relative humidity of the room before installation in order to produce the finest results. For roughly a week, the room must be kept at the same humidity and temperature. The beams should then be left in the room for roughly three days to properly prepare them.

The ceiling must be strong enough to support the beams in addition to being ready for them. If required, locate studs or construct a frame. Plan out your ideal pattern starting with your dimensions.

Setting Up Your Beams

Before starting, you should put up some fake beams. Additionally, certain pieces will need to be cut to fit the dimensions of your ceiling.

  • Cut each beam to the same length.
  • On the assembly table, set the first piece of wood and glue the edge where it will meet the next joint.
  • Clear the joints of any extra glue.
  • To join pieces of the beam together, if necessary, use nails. Do this for the remaining beams in your structure.
  • Before continuing, make sure the glue is dry.

Getting Your Ceiling Ready

Where the beams will be mounted on the ceiling, make a mark.

To keep grids and lines straight, extend your chalk line across the ceiling.

Your 2×4 planks can serve as “nailers” to aid in the installation of imitation wood beams. They will be held in place by the beams as they glide over them.

Employing temporary brackets, fasten the beams to the nailers.

Advice Before You Begin

Never test your sandpaper on anything visible before you are confident in how it will turn out.

Beams should never be fastened directly to drywall or ceiling plaster; always fasten to a joist.

The beams must be carefully lifted and supported in order to be fixed into place. If you require assistance, get it!

If you’re using solid wood, you should talk to an expert about how to support the ceiling correctly.

How to Make Your Own Beams

Elegant and timeless, wood beams provide appeal to any space, from casual living to formal dining. Installing the beams will be a straightforward task for an experienced homeowner who can assemble and lift them. With this simple DIY project, you can transform any room in your house. Picking out the wood beams for your house is the first step! Get all the lumber supplies you’ll need for your upcoming project in Las Vegas, Nevada, by getting in touch with Reclaimed Secrets!

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