Monkey Pod Wood: What Can It Be Used For?

Monkey pod wood table
Amazing table made of large lacquered textured live edge monkey pod wood slab for dining room on blue background close view from above

Monkey Pod wood is a popular choice for custom projects due to its numerous desirable properties. This beautiful, long-lasting wood is perfect for furniture, ornamental pieces, carvings, and other exquisite handcrafted items. Monkey Pod wood possesses many of the attributes that woodworkers value. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of Monkey Pod wood and what to expect from the various varieties.


Monkey Pod is generally readily available because it comes from a fast-growing tree, making it an environmentally favorable option. Furthermore, the seeds that fall to the ground are nutritious and provide an excellent source of food for wildlife. In fact, the term Monkey Pod Wood is considered to have originated from the monkeys who would gather under the shelter of these trees to consume the seeds!

Furniture makers, customers, wildlife, and Mother Nature all appreciate the natural habitat that these trees create. Furthermore, a single tree can absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide from the moment it is planted until it is cultivated. Because it is a farmed tree, it poses no damage to naturally occurring woods.Since it shrinks minimally when dried, it can be worked with and machined when still green and moist. Manufacturers and woodworkers will welcome this because they won’t have to worry about the wood decaying due to drying.

Monkey Pod wood is resistant to insects, dampness, and rot due to its tolerance of tropical temperature conditions, making it perfect for a variety of applications. The contrasted grain pattern looks great naturally or stained. Many furniture producers and carvers find it easy to work with because of the straight grain and coarse texture. It always results in a beautiful completed product.


Some people mistake monkey pod wood for acacia wood, however acacias are a separate genus. While they may look similar, the blooms they produce and the flat crowns that are higher than Monkey Pod set them apart. Natural pigmentation, knotting, and pin markings are some of the differences to look for with this unique and popular pick. The trees’ different qualities, such as the appearance of the wood grain, will give each piece a unique appearance.

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Monkey Pod wood has a wide range of applications, and many lovely furniture pieces, like coffee tables and chairs, are made from it. Bowls, spoons, and other culinary items are also common. It is also excellent for flooring due to its durability and resistance to insects and mold. The reasons for using this type of wood will be different for each person. However, they will all enjoy the benefits and attributes of this wonderful wood. Feel free to contact us today to get high quality wood for your next DIY project!